May 22, 2021

"Very professional and polite."
March 29, 2021

"I had a really bad morning with a vehicle of mine.. Got stuck in the middle of an intersection from the aftermath of a bad snowstorm. My tire had blown the engine overheated to the point of not being able to run... And then to top it off a police officer got a call and had to have it moved... (He was doing his job to keep safety) but yes frustration grew... I kept my cool And then B&L gave me a Miracle... & I Thank you B&L Truck and Auto for working with me like you did! If you guys ever need a favor I'm all ears & willing! So Choose B&L they forever have first in line with me for business. Thanks again fellas!"
March 29, 2021

"Very helpful friendly people. Highly recommended!"
March 29, 2021

"Awesome Business!!! Very fast time to come pickup myself and my vehicle in single digit temps!!! Took me back to the shop and changed out my blown out tire and got me on my way!! Thanks guys!! You’re the BEST!!! "
March 26, 2021

"Great people"