January 17, 2022

"Needed my car jumped in the middle of town and B & L staff was there within 5 minutes to jump it. Very fast and responsive. Thank you Bob and staff."
August 29, 2021

"I love B and L! Always professional and amazing people! Thanks for bring the number one tow service in winfield!!!"
August 5, 2021

"Always looking out-very neighborly. My go-to guys from now on"
May 22, 2021

"Very professional and polite."
March 29, 2021

"I had a really bad morning with a vehicle of mine.. Got stuck in the middle of an intersection from the aftermath of a bad snowstorm. My tire had blown the engine overheated to the point of not being able to run... And then to top it off a police officer got a call and had to have it moved... (He was doing his job to keep safety) but yes frustration grew... I kept my cool And then B&L gave me a Miracle... & I Thank you B&L Truck and Auto for working with me like you did! If you guys ever need a favor I'm all ears & willing! So Choose B&L they forever have first in line with me for business. Thanks again fellas!"