August 22, 2023

"Super late call with car running and keys locked inside. Showed up and was able to get unlocked no issues."
August 10, 2023

"Called the tow service during lunch time today as a young lady was backing out of the neighbors driveway and dropped the rear wheels off into a deep ditch. The owner of B&L answered the phone and said he would be there soon and in twenty minutes he assessed the situation and assured the girl things would be alright. I know the young lady was very relieved to see her car back on level ground. I really appreciate the way this was handled and glad we could help. You can trust B&L Auto ."
August 9, 2023

"Friend backed into our ditch and b&l got her out fast and easy. They are very kind people"
August 9, 2023

"Thank you for the help."
July 28, 2023